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Our Freedoms Come From God - Not Man
The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator 
(GOD) with certain unalienable (UNDENIABLE) Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Click Here!

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Russian KGB Defector Predicted Modern America & Outlined The 4 Stages Of Mass Brainwashing To Overthrow The USA! Click Here For A Shocking Short Video Clip!

FBI Undercover Agent Larry Grathwohl on the Domestic Communist, the Weather Underground And Their Plans For Killing Millions Of Americans - YouTube 2 Minute Video! Hear It 1st Hand From Mr. Grathwohl. Click Here! Or Here!

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, August 20, 2023. Full Investigated Report Click Here! Or Click Here!

It’s Communism Stupid – J.R. Nyquist - Click Here! or Click Here!

The Truth About Human Trafficking! Millions of children vanish each year! Where do they all go? Exclusive Video Report! Click Here!  

*The “TransNightmares of Children, We Don’t Want to Hear! - Click Here!

MassResistance MassResistance.Org - Helping people stop the tyrannical LGBT “Equality Act” - A leading pro-family activist organization, MassResistance provides the information and guidance people need to confront assaults on the traditional family, school children, and the moral foundation of society. Based in Massachusetts, we have supporters and activists in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries.  Click Here!  -  Click Here!

"It's Not Natural" - Why Are 20% of Kids Suddenly LGBTQ? Aug 8, 2023
In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David and Joe Rogan discuss the LGBTQ mindset in America. Click Here!

THE HOMOSEXUAL MANIFESTO - As to Congress in 1987 and implemented by the Entropic U. S. Supreme Court in 2015. Click Here!  Or  Click Here!

NSA IS TARGETING WHITE STRAIGHT MALES AND FEMALES! They are coming ! Seriously! Nov 17, 2023. Click Here!  Or  Click Here!

Police State Movie! Are You Next? Watch The New Trailer! Click Here!

UFOs: Part of the great end-times deception! Click Here!

Sirach 38:7‭-‬9 CEV Doctors relieve pain and bring healing by mixing medicines from things that God created. God will always be at work bringing health to everyone on earth. Students, if you get sick, quickly pray to the Lord, and you will be healed. Click Here!

United States Senate Document #264“99% of the American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease,” in a well publicized report entitled Document 264 from the Department of Agriculture. June 1936...[PDF] - Click Here!

CELLS: Dr. Jerry Tennant, M D ~ Voltage Is The Key To Health! How To Cure Anything! Part 1 of 2. “The key to making chronic disease better is making a single cell work. If you give the body the things a single cell needs to work, the body often has the power to heal all of the cells of the body. That means you get well!” CLICK HERE!

9 Steps to Fight & Prevent Heart Disease! Click Here!

The Untold Story of Heart Disease is a documentary series containing interviews with over 40 natural health experts. 

Packaged into 9 episodes and 10 stimulating hours of information it reveals the TRUE cause and natural solutions for fighting and preventing Heart Disease! 

From: Dr. Blake Livingood

My NEW FREE BOOK Outlines A 'Proven Step-By-Step Healing Formula' That Average Doctors Don't Know About, (It's Helped People Go From Chronic Disease & Drugs To Fit Full Of Energy Extremely Fast)!

Dr. Livingood, yes that is his real name, is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and DC serving thousands of people in Morrisville, NC and even more through his online and media presence. In 2007 after nearly losing his father to health conditions, Dr. Livingood was prompted to find a health care system to save his father’s life. Where medicine failed Dr. Livingood discovered solutions that got his father off 15 medications and overcame major heart and autoimmune conditions. Dr. Livingood's wife Jessica, and three kids spend their lives speaking nationally and locally in the hopes that others can experience real health. Free Book (Just Pay Shipping & Handling)! (We have no financial interest in this Company! Just sharing a good thing because we care about you)! Click Here!

A Doctor Reverses Pneumonia In 3 Hours Taking High Doses of Vitamin C - Click Here!

How to Stockpile Antibiotics Without a Prescription - Click Here!

Healthy Foods And Natural Health Remedy News And Reviews Blog! Click Here!

Romans Chapter 1 Contemporary English Audio Drama (CEV) - Click Here!

Watch On Bitchute

RELIGIOUS REBELS RELEASED! Don't Ignore This Verse (2 Timothy 3). A Warning That Is Coming To Life!

2 Timothy 3:1-9 CEV
What People Will Be Like in the Last Days!
You can be certain that in the last days there will be some very hard times. 2. People will love only themselves and money. They will be proud, stuck-up, rude, and disobedient to their parents. They will also be ungrateful, godless, 3. heartless, and hateful. Their words will be cruel, and they will have no self-control or pity. These people will hate everything good. 4. They will be sneaky, reckless, and puffed up with pride. Instead of loving God, they will love pleasure. 5. Even though they will make a show of being religious, their religion won't be real. Don't have anything to do with such people. 

6. Some men fool whole families, just to get power over those women who are slaves of sin and are controlled by all sorts of desires. 7. These women always want to learn something new, but they never can discover the truth. 8. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, these people are enemies of the truth. Their minds are sick, and their faith isn't real. 9. But they won't get very far with their foolishness. Soon everyone will know the truth about them, just as Jannes and Jambres were found out.

‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4‬:‭1‬-‭2‬
‭Contemporary English Version Bible (CEV)! ‬‬

“When Christ Jesus comes as king, he will be the judge of everyone, whether they are living or dead.
*So with God and Christ as witnesses, I command you to preach God's message.
*Do it willingly, even if it isn't the popular thing to do.
*You must correct people and point out their sins.
*But also cheer them up, and when you instruct them, always be patient.”

‭‭‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4‬:‭3‬-‭5‬
Contemporary English Version Bible (CEV)!
“The time is coming when people won't listen to good teaching.
*Instead, they will look for teachers who will please them by telling them only what they are itching to hear.
*They will turn from the truth and eagerly listen to senseless stories.
*But you must stay calm and be willing to suffer.
*You must work hard, telling the good news and to do your job well.”

America Is Suffering A Psychotic Breakdown!
order for a civilized society to function, most people have to willingly follow the rules of that society. If that happens, law enforcement authorities can deal with the few that choose to be lawless.

For generations, that is how things worked in America.

There was a high standard of morality among the general population, and so the police were able to successfully handle the few bad apples that insisted on breaking the law.

But now everything has changed.

As a result of decades of extreme moral decay, lawlessness is rampant and there are vast multitudes of young people that openly flaunt against the rules of our society.

In fact, there are already some areas of the country that are literally on the verge of being ungovernable. America Is Suffering A Psychotic Breakdown Fully Stuck In A Doom Loop! Read More: Click Here!

*President John Adams! October 11, 1798
*“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people."
*“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion."
*"It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
*America’s Problem/Solution Is Right Here In John Adam’s 1798 Speech!

Freedom's Only For A Moral & Religious People

*What was going on in 1798?
*Hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves and millions of African slaves!
*The country was divided.
*We had the immoral and unreligious political party side who were pro slavery!
*We had the moral and religious political party side, who were pro freedom for all, and against slavery of humans!
*In 1798 the United States Congress passed a law, making it illegal to criticize the government or its officials!
*The act was called the Alien and Sedition Acts and was supported by the political group that was pro slavery of 
  Hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves and millions of African slaves!
*Today the country is divided.
*We have the immoral and unreligious political party side supporting the murder of innocent defenseless unborn babies!
*As well as sexual perversion, and worse yet teaching young children that being gay is something to be proud about and there’s no such thing as 2 specific genders!
*The government (& many false churches, priests and preachers too) wish to shut up the moral and religious political party side by making it illegal and unpopular to criticize the government or its officials!
*Nationwide Censorship of all who oppose abortion, sexual perversion & especially teaching sexual perversion to children!

*Freedom's Only For A Moral & Religious People! Read More: Click Here!

Is It? "The United States of Sociopaths!"
Identifying and Avoiding the Sociopath!

The defining characteristic of the sociopath is a profound lack of conscience, a flaw in the moral compass that typically steers people away from breaking common rules and toward treating others decently. This disconnect, however, may be hidden by a charming demeanor. There is both art and science to spotting sociopathy.

Sociopathy refers to a pattern of antisocial behaviors and attitudes, including manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others. Sociopathy is a non-diagnostic term, and it is not synonymous with "psychopathy," though the overlap leads to frequent confusion. Sociopaths may or may not break the law, but by exploiting and manipulating others, they violate the trust that the human enterprise runs on. Read More!


T-Shirts: "Freedom of Speech! Wear Your 1st Amendment Rights with Pride" - Click Here!

 T-Shirts: Freedom's Only For A Moral & Religious People! President John Adams! - Click Here!

*Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s all going down like donkey Kong! So, get right with Jesus!
If you haven’t been baptized, get baptized and washed clean of your sins.
*If you have been baptized, examine your conscience and repent. Catholics should use the sacrament of confession.
*What is sin?
*Let the inspired word of Jesus instruct you.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 Contemporary English Version Bible!

9. Don't you know that evil people won't have a share in the blessings of God's kingdom? Don't fool yourselves! No one who is immoral or worships idols or is unfaithful in marriage or is a pervert or behaves like a homosexual 10. will share in God's kingdom. Neither will any thief or greedy person or drunkard or anyone who curses and cheats others. 11. Some of you used to be like that. But now the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of God's Spirit have washed you and made you holy and acceptable to God.

Galatians 5:19-21 Contemporary English Version Bible!
19. People's desires make them give in to immoral ways, filthy thoughts, and shameful deeds.
20. They worship idols, practice witchcraft, hate others, and are hard to get along with. People become jealous, angry, and selfish. They not only argue and cause trouble, but they are 21. envious. They get drunk, carry on at wild parties, and do other evil things as well. I told you before, and I am telling you again: No one who does these things will share in the blessings of God's kingdom.

To summarize the activity of the antichrist.

It will be accepting sinners (lgbtq) into the church without repentance, and changing their lifestyles. Normalizing immortality in society at large. Humanism!

If you do not play along you will be excluded from society. You will be an outcast and looked down on. You will be censored, excluded, canceled & banned.

*However, if you play along, you're going to be in an unfortunate place for all eternity!

This is the spirit of the antichrist. Video! - Report!

Father Spyridon Jul 23, 2023. We are called to watch for the approaching Judgement.

To get to know and fall in love with God start here with Psalms! Recommended By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
Holy Bible: PSALMS - Contemporary English Dramatized Audio (With Text)!

The Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Was In Town & Appears Above Trinity Catholic Academy La Salle, Illinois Nov. 1st, 2023 - See Actual Photo! Click Here!

Eucharistic Miracle in Cincinnati! Host Transforms Visibly Before Eyes of Many Witnesses! 
Click Here!

Irish Priest Reports Extraordinary Eucharistic Miracle! 
A Flying Host Escapes The Hands Of A Satanic Thief Trying To Steal The Host At Holy Communion During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass! Witnesses Confirm! Never Before Seen! - YouTube 7 Minute Video! A Must Watch! Incredible! Click Here!

Laminated Blessed Rose Petal Blessed by Jesus and Mary for Cures and Conversions!
Click Here!

Catholic Mass New Translation In Song - Click Here!

The Untold History of Afro-Mexicans!

Mexico's Forgotten Ethnic Group faces a culture of discrimination, poverty, and deportation from Mexico to Central America, despite holding papers proving Mexican citizenship! It’s this culture of discrimination that perhaps leads some Mexicans with black heritage to be reluctant to admit or embrace their heritage. Afro-Mexicans Face Racism Daily in Mexico - Racism is a daily battle for Mexico's 1.4 million Afro-Mexicans. 

Read More! - Video Report!

United Nations’ Replacement Migration plan, which aims to flood America with approximately 600 million Third World migrants by 2050 – about 10.8 million every year! Creating a dependent underclass which the globalists can exploit for their political ends! Actual U.N. Replacement Migration Documents And Links Below! Click Here!

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MassResistance - Helping people stop the tyrannical LGBT “Equality Act” - A leading pro-family activist organization, MassResistance provides the information and guidance people need to confront assaults on the traditional family, school children, and the moral foundation of society. Based in Massachusetts, we have supporters and activists in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries.  Click Here!  -  Click Here!

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves!
Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment. It may evoke changes in them such as cognitive dissonance or low self-esteem, rendering the victim additionally dependent on the gaslighter for emotional support and validation. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction and disinformation, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim's beliefs.

Cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes unpleasant feelings of unease or discomfort.

Shit Burgers - Fox News: Japanese Researcher Creates Artificial Meat From Human Feces - And the (WEF) World Economic Forum Declares Humans Must Eat Feces and Drink Urine To Fight Climate Change! Click Here!  

HARD EVIDENCE! “Mass Murder on a Massive Scale” via the Covid Vax Perpetrated by the CDC! This is what CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is criminally liable for! 
Walensky knew that millions of American workers were so severely injured to the point of not being able to work! 6.4 million Health Impacts according to her own governmental database! Over 2,000,000 Serious Serious Side Effects! 700,000 Doctor Visits according to her own governmental database! The Custody Database of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky proves she is guilty of mass murder! Full Report Click Here!

PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination! September 17, 2022! Click Here!

“Science for Hire,” produced by Gary Null, is a film that tackles some of the most critical scientific issues threatening the health and well-being of the U.S. public! Long-standing systemic corruption in medical organizations and medical schools, federal regulatory agencies and academic journals has led to a world where pseudoscience and misinformation rules! Elected officials and the media are captured by the highest bidder, and those who dare speak out against the establishment are attacked, their careers often destroyed in the process! Set aside two hours to watch the film in its entirety for an eye-opening look at the dark side of the scientific, pharmaceutical and military industrial complexes! Click Here!

Doctors Around The World Issue Dire WARNING:
DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE! DR. JOHAN DENIS SAYS Nanotechnology present in this COVID-19 vaccine! Click Here!

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils the covid vaccine 5G link + biosynthetic AI nanotech! 10/6/2022!
*Covid-19 injections contain NEUROWEAPONS embedded in Lipid Nanoparticels (LNP) (Nanoparticles) - Neurological weapons were hidden through Emergency Use Authorization cover-up  - Shocking patents confirm it's all true (patent numbers shown)  - Transhumanism assault on humanity now under way, people becoming LESS human  - LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes  - Covid "vaccines" appear to be exotic tech INSTALLED in human hosts  - CCP-linked AI company named "national security threat" in USA  - 5G infrastructure to be exploited by AI embedded systems for surveillance  - Post-vaccine "biostructures" are self-assembling biosynthetic weapons! Click Here!

Oil And Gas Industry Recruiter Reveals Industry Looking To Replace 50% Of Workforce Due To Vaccine Injury/Death · Jun 14, 2021
Corporate Recruiter Warns: Energy Companies To Replace Vaccinated Employees Within 3 Years: June 14, 2021.
Executives are having their staff go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines. And they're planning to have to replace them all within the next 3 years! Article & Video Report: Click Here!   Full Video Report: Click Here!

After COVID Shot Rollout, Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64 In 2021 Based On Life Insurance Claims » Sons of Liberty Media!
Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica, a $100 billion insurance company based out of Indiana, has come out publicly and stated that based on life insurance claims, the death rate has skyrocketed an unprecedented 40% among those between the ages of 18 and 64, based on the 3rd quarter and into the 4th quarter of 2021. Click Here!

Life insurance payouts skyrocket as post-vaccine deaths rapidly accelerate! Tuesday, February 01, 2022 by: Mike Adams!
In a little-known Reuters story that garnered almost no attention in the corporate media, Dutch insurer Aegon revealed its third quarter, 2021 life insurance payouts skyrocketed 258 percent compared to third quarter, 2020 payouts. The difference, of course, is found in covid vaccines. *Insurance companies are slowly coming to realize the truth about covid vaccines, even as the complicit, murderous mainstream tries to cover up the accelerating deaths. Click Here!

What are the natural remedies to treat and cure Sociopathy?
A lecture by Andrew Saul PhD! Remedies reversing physical and mental illness with vitamins. Dr. Andrew Saul gives testimony to studies and actual cases using megadoses of niacin to reverse violent types of behaviors in people. YouTube! Niacin 13:30 Minute Mark - Click Here!  Full Video - Click Here!

Identifying and Avoiding the Sociopath!

The defining characteristic of the sociopath is a profound lack of conscience, a flaw in the moral compass that typically steers people away from breaking common rules and toward treating others decently. This disconnect, however, may be hidden by a charming demeanor. There is both art and science to spotting sociopathy.

Sociopathy refers to a pattern of antisocial behaviors and attitudes, including manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others. Sociopathy is a non-diagnostic term, and it is not synonymous with "psychopathy," though the overlap leads to frequent confusion. Sociopaths may or may not break the law, but by exploiting and manipulating others, they violate the trust that the human enterprise runs on. Read More!

The Coming Purge Against Political Dissidents! Truth and Reconciliation Commission Courts For Thought Criminals Who Supported Trump! Click Here!

WEAPONIZED MARIJUANA - The Dangers of Weaponized Drugs Exposed in the Wake of July 4th Shooter! (Jul 6, 2022). Pot is in the Psychotropic and hallucinogenic class! And the stronger stuff that is out today directly causes 100% mass mental illness. Alex Jones exposes the dangers of weaponized drugs in the wake of the July 4th shooter.  Short Video Report Click Here!  News Article Click Here!

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NoPcBsNews.Com - Survival Tips And Tricks For City Slickers And Hicks Out In The Sticks! Click Here!

Not Feeling Right After Covid or The Covid Vaccine? There Is Help!
How Covid Spike Proteins Destroy The Body And What You Can Do To Prevent and Remove Them!

This information can be used to help anyone who has been wounded by covid spike proteins or the spike proteins in the vaccine. Click Here!

BOMBSHELL: Dr. Judy Mikovits - NIH INSIDER Exposes Vaccines! They Are Implanting Humanity with Cancer Viruses And A Multitude Of Diseases Using Vaccines 5/27/22! Click Here!  


No Politically Correct BS!

Psalms 91 The Lord Is My Fortress!

The Chanted Rosary Streaming - YouTube!  Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary In Song Donna Cori Gibson YouTube! Catholic Mass New Translation In Song!

Watch "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song (complete)" on YouTube


The Chanted Rosary Streaming - YouTube

Holy Rosar,y Joyful Mysteries in Song - Monday, Saturday, Our Lady's Musical Rosary CD, Disc 1

Catholic Mass New Translation In Song

Let's Make The Name Of GOD And JESUS Great Again!

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 CEV 19. Don't turn away God's Spirit 20. or ignore prophecies. 21. Put everything to the test. Accept what is good 22. and don't have anything to do with evil.


Holy Love Ministry Click Here!

Messages To Glynda Lomax Click Here!

Prophecy Club – Bible Prophecy News And Updates!  YOUTUBE - Click Here!

Mark Taylor - Click Here!

Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers aka Our Lady of Fatima’s End Times Prophecies - Click Here!

Watch “Prophecy – Lois Vogel-Sharp” on YouTube Click Here!

Prophetic Warnings By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth! On YouTube!
Messages To Pastor Faircloth Click Here!

The Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock! Messages from Jesus to Enoch - Click Here!


My peace be with you, my flock.

My son, today I want to talk again about the cremation of bodies for you to transmit this message to this stiff-necked humanity, who denies fulfilling my Word and rejects to hear my voice.

Once again I tell you, the cremation of bodies is pagan practice and it goes against Divine Will.  I ask you, who do you obey God or men? Truly I tell you that every soul who in life decides to cremate his body when he dies, that soul will be judged into eternity according to my word; and, as has been his intention, so also shall be his stay in purgatory. If the soul in life rejects that the body be cremated and after death, some one of his mourners gives command to cremate it, this one will be guilty and shall atone for that, so that when he arrives into eternity he does not last in purgatory until the final judgment. 


Bible – Today’s Scripture Readings And Gospel - Click Here!

BANNED ⚠️ from SHOPPING - I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! (Gas Stations, Walmarts, Family Dollars, ShopRites) shtf (
Thousands of people are now being denied access to places like grocery stores, dollar stores, department stores and even gas stations.
Walmart, Family Dollar, ShopRite and Jackson Gas stations are just a few that admit to doing this.
*The NYT just published an article celebrating people getting BANNED from grocery stores due to facial recognition. ( I show it below in the video)
*This is spreading and this is the start of the Beast System.
*This recognition is admittedly tied to your social media presence and your criminal record.
*These companies scrape social media sites to get facial recognition data to identify you.
*In the future they will directly be able to read your brain waves and deny you access based on your thoughts, even if you have no social media print.
*Learn how to grow food NOW and meet people who grow food. You could be Locked Out at any time.
*People are even mistakenly being banned from entire chains because they look similar to someone else, resulting in years of litigation to solve.
*Wear hats and sunglasses which can disrupt the facial recognition software.
Video Report Alert - Click Here!

Secret Death Touches - “I Killed Bruce Lee!” Inside: Shocking deathbed confession from a martial arts Master Assassin! And how you can use this same forbidden technique, along with 11 more of the most deadly “one touch” death moves on the planet, to disable, cripple and even KILL any attacker, robber or violent criminal who threatens the safety of you and your loved ones!  Click Here

How to Stockpile Antibiotics Without a Prescription - Click Here!


Secrets To Surviving When The SHTF!
How to make the ultimate survival superfood! This strange method will make your food last for two years without refrigeration! Plus learn the 10 things cowboys carried with them in the wild west to survive! And so much more! Watch This Very Exciting Video! 
Click Here!


How to Stockpile Antibiotics Without a Prescription - Click Here!

Masters of Deceit: The U.S Government’s Propaganda of Fear, Mind Control and Brain Warfare! Global Research 9/22/2022!

“It is the function of mass agitation to exploit all the grievances, hopes, aspirations, prejudices, fears, and ideals of all the special groups that make up our society, social, religious, economic, racial, political. Stir them up. Set one against the other. Divide and conquer. That’s the way to soften up a democracy.” ― J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of Deceit!

The U.S. government has become a master of deceit. It’s all documented, too.

This is a government that lies, cheats, steals, spies, kills, maims, enslaves, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority, and abuses its power at almost every turn; treats its citizens like faceless statistics and economic units to be bought, sold, bartered, traded, and tracked; and wages wars for profit, jails its own people for profit, and has no qualms about spreading its reign of terror abroad.

Worse, this is a government that has become almost indistinguishable from the evil it claims to be fighting, whether that evil takes the form of terrorism, torture, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, murder, violence, theft, pornography, scientific experimentations or some other diabolical means of inflicting pain, suffering and servitude on humanity.

With every passing day, it becomes painfully clear that this is not a government that can be trusted with your life, your loved ones, your livelihood or your freedoms.

This article was originally published on The Rutherford Institute.
Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. 

Read Full Article - Click Here!

Pro Life Red States! Pass a law if any citizen of your state travels across states lines to murder their unborn baby they will be prosecuted for 1st degree murder upon return! Click Here!

USA has a plan if Russia uses nukes – Secretary of State Antony Blinken! A Prophetic Warning Included! Pray For Discernment! Click Here!





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