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Covid-19 Door To Door Home Inspections Are Coming

An Army Of Medical ‘Brown Shirts’ (Contact Tracers) Are Being Created On A National Level... 

Tucker Carlson Fox News! Health Authorities Plan To Remove Family Members From Their Homes Conducting Covid-19 Door To Door Home Inspections!  April 7, 2020...

Tucker Carlson Fox News! How Will Americans Respond if Health Authorities Remove Family Members From Their Homes? 

Tucker said might trigger violence – people don’t respond well when you threaten to take their kids!

Responding to Ryan’s comments, Carlson said; “Just so you know, we’re coming to your house, seizing your children and ‘isolating them in a safe and dignified manner’ – whatever that means.”

He then cautioned that such a statement “might trigger violence – people don’t respond well when you threaten to take their kids, but Ryan said it was no big deal.”


Army Of Medical ‘Brown Shirts’ (Contact Tracers) Being Created On A National Level...
Apr 30, 2020...  Greg Reese

The Clinton Foundation is working with Leftist Governors to create a ‘National Contact Tracing Corps’  


Illinois to Launch Coronavirus Contact Tracing Program in Coming WeeksNBC Chicago
May 1st 2020...

Up to 3,800 workers will be hired as contact tracers to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Pritzker said  -  Read More

"They" Are Coming for Your Children!

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, May 2, 2020 Click Here!

They Are Still Coming for Your Children!

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, May 3, 2020  -  Click Here!

You'll Be Banned From The Military; And Can be FORCIBLY Taken From Your Home!


Another  H U G E "downside" to even getting tested, is that self-anointed do-gooders in various public health agencies, are now revealing they may decide it's best to TAKE any infected family member out of their home and away from family, "for everyone's protection."

This would include taking your children!

They call it "Contract Tracing" and justify it as a way to "protect people."

Many folks say "Thanks but no thanks."

Others are more assertive, saying they would "not allow" any government to take their family member against that family member's will, and some have gone so far as to say "if they have to shoot (such government officials) who attempt any such thing, they will."

This is why folks are being advised by many in the private sector NOT to be tested for COVID-19.   IF you are voluntarily tested, they can CLAIM whatever they want about your results.  AND if you're a political adversary, or a member of some group the government doesn't like, they can now take that test result and use it to steal your freedom and use force against you to do it.

Word is already spreading like wildfire in the private sector, with people telling family, friends and neighbors "Don't give them any "evidence" to use against you or your family.  Don't get tested."

Interestingly, BEFORE THIS OUTBREAK EVEN BECAME AN OUTBREAK . . . . the New York State Legislature already had a Bill filed to . . . . TAKE PEOPLE BY FORCE! (Gee, what a coincidence):

As shown above in red, if you've even been IN CONTACT with someone who wasn't sick, but tested positive, they will be able to TAKE YOU BY FORCE!


And if any "official" comes to ask you questions, assert your Constitutional Right to REMAIN SILENT.

Say "I assert my right to remain silent as protected by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  I will not answer any questions. I want you to leave me alone"  and then YOU shut up.

If they persist, re-state "I have invoked my right to remain silent.  Leave now."  


As the new coronavirus took root across America, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent states tainted test kits in early February that were themselves seeded with the virus, federal officials have confirmed.

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Contact Tracer” And “Communicable Disease InvestigatorJobs Spring Up Across The Country!

May 8, 2020

For those who may have lost their jobs during the lockdown, it appears a whole new sector of jobs is opening up across the country. Cities and states are seeking “contact tracers”  and “disease investigators” to track down anyone who may have COVID-19 or anyone who may have come in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.  Read More!

The Coronavirus Dots Are Beginning to Connect! For Breaking And The Best Coronavirus News Coverage!  Click Here!   STAY INFORMED!

American Farmers Being Ordered To Depopulate Livestock And Destroy Crops! An urgent message from American farmers! Click Here!

"We think that we can have a massive contact tracing up in the next few weeks," Pritzker said.


Illinois is working to imitate Massachusetts' contact tracing collaborative, and the state has hired a former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employee who was an expert at the agency’s outbreak intelligence service.

"We think that we can have a massive contact tracing up in the next few weeks," Pritzker said. "In order to reopen businesses, in order for people to feel confident, we have to make sure we're constantly growing those efforts."

The governor also hit back at an editorial in the Chicago Tribune that criticized his reopening efforts as overly cautious.

"If the Chicago Tribune thinks that everything is going to go back to completely normal without us having a very effective treatment or a vaccine, they're just dead wrong," he said.


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COVID-19 Open America Plan! NOT! No Phase 4!

Protesters Organizing Against The Lock Down

The Coronavirus Dots Are Beginning to Connect!